It’s Näpptime!

As you could read on our socials last week, BikeFlip and Näpp joined forces to offer more parents and children an inclusive and sustainable lifestyle. 

Näpp is connecting international families with international babysitters through an online platform where parents and babysitters can independently match with each other. Babysitters, or Näppsitters like they are called at Näpp, create their profiles, fill in their information, skills, and qualities. Parents can search and filter the Näppsitters based on their location, language, skills, and years of experience. After finding a Näppsitter fitting to their needs, parents can contact them directly and agree on a meeting. At the moment Näpp has over 300 babysitters, all over the Netherlands, who speak more than 45 different languages. More than 80 families have already found their perfect cultural match through the Näpp platform.

Näpp wants to see happy international children who feel connected to their native culture no matter where they live. Joining this collaboration with BikeFlip these children can, on top of this sturdy foundation, safely immerse in the Dutch culture guided by their Näppsitters on one of the cornerstones of Dutch culture: the bicycle! Brought to them by BikeFlip, contributing to the circular economy. That’s what we call a win-win-win! 

Look forward to a fruitful collaboration :).


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