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How balance bikes contribute to your kids bike journey

Apr 25, 2024Medewerker BikeFlip

Start young, reap the benefits later. A balance bike will ensure that your child can ride a bike without training wheels more easily in the future!

Natural transition to biking

On a balance bike, your children will already discover some of the basic principles of biking. Learning to maintain their balance and steer will make the transition to a pedal bike significantly smoother.

Sense of balance and core strength

Riding a balance bike requires precise coordination between different parts of your child's body. Body weight must be evenly distributed to maintain balance. This also requires sufficient core strength. The core muscles are trained to stay upright while riding the balance bike. This strength also comes in handy for various other activities.

Muscle memory

By repeatedly riding the balance bike, children develop muscle memory, making it easier for them to maintain their balance. Practice makes perfect!


As children improve their balancing skills on the balance bike, their confidence in moving and maneuvering without falling will also grow. Self-confidence fosters a positive mindset, which is proven effective for success. When your child believes in their ability to do something, they are more likely to take on the challenge!


In this way, even at a young age, your child can discover the joy of biking. They can explore the world and their freedom early on with this skill. A skill that will certainly come in handy in the Netherlands! Moreover, it doesn't hurt to occasionally tire your child out with an activity that allows them to get rid off their energy. 😊

In conclusion, balance bikes are not only a source of fun for children but also a valuable step towards a pedal bike. The development of balance and motor skills will ensure that your child will ride independently without training wheels even faster in the future!

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