Our mission

Upcycling children's bicycles.

Upcycling children's bicycles is necessary, because on average children only use a bicycle for one year: by then they have grown too big and the bicycle is too small. Then the bicycle is often left to rust somewhere. In the Netherlands alone, there are millions of bicycles in sheds and municipal depots. We think it's a shame. That's why we came up with a simple but innovative idea: a subscription to a circular children's bicycle with an exchange and repair service at home. A lease bicycle for children, but sustainable. That's BikeFlip.

It works as follows: you choose a children's bicycle on our site, we bring it to your home. If it breaks, we'll come and fix it. Has your child grown too big for the bike? Then you can exchange the bicycle for a larger one. The old bicycle then goes to another child. We make every exchange moment (and therefore a new bicycle) a celebration.



100 kg of CO2 saved

per refurbished bicycle

Every new children's bicycle must be produced and transported. That causes a lot of emissions. Because we reuse and upcycle bicycles, this is not necessary and we save CO2!

3.8 million bicycles

are stored unused in sheds

While children's bicycles are only used for a short time: on average, a child outgrows them almost every year.

3500 bicycles upcycled

and there are more and more!

We have refurbished thousands of bicycles to factory or even better quality. So that many kilometers can still be driven on it.

How do we contribute to a better world?

How do we improve the world with children's bicycles?


By supporting BikeFlip you help people from different backgrounds get a paid technical job.
Choose from a wide range of children's bikes. Every new bike and flip feels like a new bike!

Eye for sustainability

Every year 1 million new bikes are bought and there are over 9 sizes of children's bikes. Every unproduced bike is a win.

Sustainable Development Goals

BikeFlip contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in various ways.

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