Looking for the right size children's bicycle for your little adventurer?

At BikeFlip we understand how important it is to find the perfect bike that is not only reliable and fun, but also very comfortable. The right size bicycle is very important for this! Are you unsure about the right size? No problem! Our handy size chart provides a clear overview of the different sizes of children's bicycles and which size is suitable for your child, from balance bikes to 28 inch sizes.

Children's bicycle size chart

Child's height Age Clothing size Wheel size
<85cm <3 <86 Balance bike
85 - 100 cm 2 - 4 86 - 104 12 inches
100 - 115 cm 4 - 6 104 - 110 16 inches
110 - 120 cm 6 - 7 110 - 116 18 inches
115 - 125 cm 7 - 8 116 - 122 20 inches
125 - 135 cm 8 - 9 122 - 128 22 inches
130 - 145 cm 9 - 10 128 - 140 24 inches
140 - 160 cm 10 - 12 140 - 164 26 inches
> 160 cm > 12 > 164 28 inches

How do I know what size bicycle my child needs?

Choosing the right size children's bicycle is essential for a positive biking experience for your child. A well-fitting bicycle provides better control, stability and safety while biking. And that makes the children enjoy it much more! It is always possible to book a test ride at BikeFlip, so that your child can try out several bikes and we can give advice on the right size.

How does it work?

Reliable & sustainable children's bicycle subscription

BikeFinder - your personal guide:

For a more personalized experience, we recommend our BikeFinder. This smart tool makes bicycle suggestions based on age, height and clothing size.

Useful tips for choosing a children's bicycle:

Measure your child's height: Be sure to measure your child's height and use this information when consulting our size chart.

Avoid biking 'as you grow': Be careful with a children's bicycle that is too big. A bicycle that is too big can be dangerous and reduce the enjoyment of cycling. It is better to choose a bicycle where your child can comfortably reach the pedals and handlebars and can sit upright. An advantage of BikeFlip: if your child has outgrown the bike, you can easily flip it for a larger size. See how our children's bicycle subscription works here.

Check the minimum saddle height: Make sure to check the minimum saddle height of the bicycle to ensure that your child can touch the ground with his/her feet.

At BikeFlip we think it is important to help parents choose the right children's bicycle. With our tips and useful tools, we are ready to provide your child with the perfect cycling experience. Discover the convenience of BikeFlip and watch your little one shine on his/her new, perfectly fitting children's bike!