Not sure what size bike you need? Do not worry! Use our handy BikeFinder tool to determine the best fit for you. Once you've found your perfect bike, simply add it to your cart and we'll deliver it within 48 hours*. Are you still in doubt? Then book a test ride at our workshop in Maarssen and let us help you find the ideal bike! And if you experience problems with the bicycle, you can easily schedule maintenance via our repair form. Remember, we are here to help you with all your cycling needs, from sizing to saddle adjustment. So don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Ouch, how annoying! In the event of loss or theft of the bicycle, the renter is obliged to report this to BikeFlip within 24 hours, hand over the key to the bicycle to BikeFlip and file a report. In that case, the tenant is liable to pay a deductible. The applicable deductible for the BikeFlip subscription is: €40. The renter will receive a replacement bicycle from BikeFlip after the declaration has been completed.

Important: if the renter does not report the loss or theft of the Bicycle, or does not report it in a timely manner, or if the renter cannot hand over the bicycle key to BikeFlip, the Renter owes BikeFlip compensation of €100. After payment, the renter will receive a replacement bicycle from BikeFlip.

This is why BikeFlip exists! Because children grow and cycles don't! If your bike is too small, we will come to you as soon as possible to exchange it for a larger bike. Choose a new bike through our shop and contact us to make a new appointment to flip your bike!

Yes, of course! If something is broken on your bike, we are there for you! Use the repair form that you can find in your BikeFlip account and we will come to you (within our delivery area) as soon as possible to repair. Do you live outside the delivery area? Then you can always come by for a free repair of your BikeFlip bike at our workshop in Maarssen (Industrieweg 34-15).

That's certainly possible! You choose a bicycle in our shop , we will have it ready for you the same day and you can pick it up immediately from our workshop. Our address is Industrieweg 34-15 in Maarssen. See you soon!

How nice that you want to donate a bicycle! You can donate the bicycle at our workshop at Industrieweg 34-15 in Maarssen. Where necessary, we will make it completely beautiful again in our sheltered workshop and will give it a good purpose! We are available on all working days between 9:00 AM and 5:30 PM. On Saturdays we are open from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM!

And do you want a BikeFlip bike in return? If you take BikeFlip in return you get 1-3 months discount on your subscription. You can give the old bike to the Flipper when we bring your BikeFlip bike.

Do you want to exchange your child's bicycle? Let us help! Contact us and we will help you exchange your current bike for the perfect replacement. Feel free to bring your old bicycle to our workshop in Maarssen and we will ensure that your child can go home with the right bicycle!

We will immediately get to work for you and deliver the bicycle to your home on the day and time slot of your choice (within our delivery area)! Would you rather take a look at our extensive range of circular bicycles? Then you can make an appointment to visit our sheltered workshop at Industrieweg 34-15, Maarssen! Of course, you only start paying on the day the bicycle is delivered.

While we're really sorry to see you go, we also understand that sometimes you'll get a bike as a gift and BikeFlip is suddenly unneeded. Therefore, the subscription can be cancelled flexibly with a 1-month notice, after the minimum subscription period of 3 months. The monthly cancellation period starts the day after your notice to cancel the subscription. You can of course continue to use the bike until the last day of your subscription. The bike must be returned to our workshop in Maarssen (Industrieweg 34-15) no later than the last day of the cancellation period.

Of course! We always try to arrange a bicycle that meets the wishes of your child. We now also have the widest range of refurbished bicycles in the Netherlands! Take a quick look at our bicycles for the current range. Isn't there anything to it? Send an email with your wishes to support@bikeflip.nl and we will get to work for you!

If something is broken on the bicycle, we will come to you as soon as possible to repair it. Use our handy repair form in your BikeFlip account environment!

Get on the BikeFlip waiting list! You can do this by ordering a BikeFlip subscription in advance. You can then comment that you want the subscription to start at a time in the future!

That's annoying! Unfortunately, the municipality has a hand in this. If the bicycle has been removed by the municipality, the renter has a maximum of three days to collect it himself from the municipal (bicycle) depot. Any acquisition costs or other costs will be borne by the Renter.

The removal of the bicycle by the municipality will be regarded as an unjustified flip (as described in the general terms and conditions ). After the Bicycle has been available at the depot for at least three days, BikeFlip will collect the bicycle and contact the Renter to deliver a new bicycle. BikeFlip has the right to charge costs for this to the renter, such as any acquisition costs and the costs of an unjustified flip.

First of all, it is no problem at all if the bicycle falls. A BikeFlip bicycle is just a bicycle and bicycles sometimes fall over! If the bicycle falls and something breaks, give us a call and we will come to you and repair it at home. The number 1 priority is that your child can quickly use the BikeFlip bicycle again! There are no additional charges!

No problem, we got you covered. You can email support@bikeflip.nl and call 030-2271921. We will then contact you as soon as possible!

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