Congratulations on the gift card!

With this gift card you can choose a beautiful and reliable bicycle. BikeFlip offers sustainable subscription bicycles for children, including a full service package. This way, your child always cycles on the right size bike and you no longer have to scour Marktplaats or patch tires.

We have a wide range of bicycles, so that there is always a suitable bicycle for you. Whether your adventurer likes fast racers or beautiful pink bicycles. Children grow quickly, sometimes faster than we want, so we will exchange the bicycle at home free of charge for a larger size when the old one has been outgrown.

Gift voucher

How does it work?

Your gift voucher states the size category of the bicycle and how many months you have received as a gift. Not sure yet which size you need exactly? Use our BikeFinder to find out. You can also always visit our location in Maarssen for a test drive. Once you have found a nice bike, activate your gift card during checkout. Choose a day and we will ensure that the bike is delivered to your home so the real party can begin!

Have fun choosing your bike!

1. Choose your custom bike!

Use our BikeFinder to find the perfect bike

2. Activate the gift card

Enter the gift code in your shopping cart to activate the gift card

3. Your bicycle delivered to your home for free!

Your bike will be on the sidewalk within 48 hours

4. Something broken or too small?

If something happens, we will repair the bicycle at home for free

5. Flip your bike

When your child has outgrown the bike, flip it for a larger size

6. Always the perfect bike and happy children

Your child is happy, our planet is less polluted and you are worry-free
Free repair and delivery within 48hFlip your bike at any time

The perfect subscription for every age, at a great price!

 kind fietsen
Small bikes for snotty noses


Running and 12 inch bicycles
 kind fietsen
Medium-sized bicycles for road pirates


16, 18 and 20 inch bicycles
 kind fietsen
Big bikes for racing monsters


22, 24, 26 and 28 inch bicycles

Frequently asked question

Estimating the right size bicycle is also difficult! The gift card works as a discount on the monthly amount of that size category. The gift card can therefore also be used for a different size category of bicycle, although you may have to pay the remaining monthly amount. You can always contact us to view the possibilities!

Not sure what size bike you need? Do not worry! Use our handy BikeFinder tool to determine the best fit for you. Once you've found your perfect bike, simply add it to your shopping cart, enter the gift card code and choose your delivery time.

Are you still in doubt? Then book a test ride at our workshop in Maarssen and let us help you find the ideal bike! And if you experience problems with the bicycle, you can easily schedule maintenance via our repair form. Remember, we are here to help you with all your cycling needs, from sizing to saddle adjustment. So don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Of course! If something is broken on your bicycle, we are ready to help you. Use the repair form that you can find in your BikeFlip account and we will come to you as soon as possible (within our delivery area) to repair for free. Do you live outside our delivery area? Then you can always come by for a free repair of the BikeFlip bicycle at our workshop in Maarssen (Industrieweg 34-15).

No problem, we got you covered. Check our general FAQ or contact us at or 030-2271921. We will then contact you as soon as possible!

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