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Checklist for the little novice cyclist: the 5 most important considerations when choosing your child's first bicycle

Feb 16, 2024Paulina Gdaniec

When your child tugs at your shirt and bravely tells you that they're ready to explore the world on their own two feet, you know it's time to start hunting for the first bike ever! But with so many options available, the process can be quite time-consuming and overwhelming. So before you step out the door, here are a few important factors you can consider to ensure your child's first cycling experience is safe and memorable.

The right size bicycle is important

Choosing the right size bicycle is essential. It's super important that your child can touch the ground with their feet when they sit and can comfortably reach the handles. Many children's bicycles are categorized based on age and wheel size, which makes choosing a bicycle online a little easier. But it is still best to let your child try out different bikes locally and get advice from the cycling experts.

Would you like to have a better idea of ​​the size? Use our BikeFlinder!

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Safety first

Put your child's safety first by paying close attention to important safety features of a bicycle. Look for sturdy frames, reliable brakes, good bicycle bells and well-fitting helmets. Additionally, a flag ensures that your child, who cycles low to the ground, is clearly visible to motorists and other road users. And finally, of course, the bicycle lights, these must always work properly.


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Cycling with training wheels or a balance bike: Which suits your child?

If you need training wheels, you can have them put on your bike at BikeFlip. While these training wheels provide stability during the learning phase, balance bikes focus on developing basic skills such as balance. Assess your child's developmental stage and self-confidence to choose the right option.

Balance bike or training wheels


Quality and maintenance

Invest in a bike with a reputation for quality and durability so you can save on maintenance costs. Choose a sustainable bicycle with a well-thought-out construction and sturdy materials at BikeFlip, where every bicycle is thoroughly checked. Including any repairs at no extra cost!


Taking growth into account

Children grow, but bikes do not. Your child will outgrow his or her bike in just one to one and a half years, which leads to the challenge of buying new bikes every year. This can quickly become very expensive. Look for bikes with adjustable saddle height and handlebar grips, but even then, wheel size is still very important for optimal cycling experience. With a wheel size that is too small, it is more difficult to pedal. That is why looking at a bicycle subscription at BikeFlip is the best choice, where you can always exchange your bicycle for a perfectly fitting model.


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Ready for the adventure?

Once these points have been checked off, you are ready to choose the first bicycle for your child! With the right choice, you don't just give your child a means of transportation - you also give him or her a way to develop physically and build their confidence!

Ready to see your child shine on their very first cycling adventure? Book a test drive now and take the first step towards endless cycling fun!

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