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4 Top Tips for Activities with Your Children

Feb 23, 2024Paulina Gdaniec

 Have you tried these bonding activities with your kids yet?

As parents, you used to be a kid full of innocence and courage. You understand the happy feeling of being a child, so you definitely also want your children to experience the most fun they can ever get. Then grab your pen, make room for these heartwarming sessions in your weekly calendar and enjoy them with your kids! It's also a chance for you to relive your childhood days, since they'll take you to being a carefree kid again and have you take a break from this hassle world. These four activities not only bring you and your kids closer but also provide opportunities for learning, communication, and laughter.

Draw with your children

little boy drawing a picture


Whether you're a seasoned artist or just doodling for fun, art provides a wonderful medium for self-expression and creativity. Isn't it fun to collaborate on a large piece with your kid and let them guide you into the world of their pure imagination? Don't be afraid to get messy – the road to the final masterpiece always matters the most. 

  • Set up an art space with paper, colored pencils, and any other art supplies.

  • Give your child a prompt if they find it hard to start, such as “the friend who appeared in your dream”, or “the garden you wanna have.”

  • When you’re done, stick your child’s masterpieces onto the wall like you’re creating a whole exhibition of memories. Different from photos, it's the best feeling ever to watch your child grow in character as more drawings appear.

      Clean the room together

      children playing and cleaning - BikeFlip

      Cleaning might not be the task that your kid finds interesting, but tidying up the living space together not only teaches responsibility but also instils a sense of pride in maintaining a shared environment. 

      How about including a treasure hunt to motivate them? That hidden candy or toy can be the reward for their hard work, make sure they will find it after things have been put in the right places. 


      Teach them a recipe

      little girl baking cookies - BikeFlip

      Cooking together is about more than preparing a meal. Besides the fact that these dishes taste delicious, the nostalgic taste of recipes can take us back to our childhood. Just imagine, when your children get older, they will start preparing these dishes themselves and remember this moment with you: "Oh, I really miss this recipe that my parents taught me."

      • Choose a simple recipe that suits your family's needs.

      • Give everyone an appropriate task - whether it's washing vegetables, stirring the pot or setting the table.

      • Go to the supermarket for the tastiest and freshest ingredients.

      Cooking together teaches your child valuable life skills. Plus, the end result is a tasty dish that everyone can enjoy and be proud of!


      Take them for a bike ride

      little girl goes cycling with mother - BikeFlip

      Finally, outdoor activities such as cycling offer the chance to get some fresh air, which is a very healthy and enjoyable way to bond as a family. And which also provides an excellent opportunity to explore your neighborhood or local parks.

      • Check the bicycles carefully and make sure they are comfortable.

      • It can even be a fun idea to make it a picnic, so don't forget to pack some tasty food and drinks.

      • Think about the destination or the route you are going to take. If you live in Utrecht, we have great suggestions for you.

      Because your children are growing at a rapid pace and the safety of your children is paramount as a parent, the BikeFlip children's bicycle subscription is certainly something to look at. If everything is in order, you and your child are ready to go into nature together and spend some quality time together! If you like it, we would also recommend that you take a look at this fun garden idea!

      Whether it's a movie night, a reading session or an energetic sports match, building strong bonds within the family is a beautiful thing. These bonding activities not only create shared experiences, but you also create a warm and supportive environment in which your children can grow up.

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