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How do I choose the perfect size bicycle for my child?

Mar 06, 2024Paulina Gdaniec

For optimal safety and cycling fun, it is important to have a well-fitting bicycle for your child. A frame that is too large can cause pain in the back and shoulders. In addition, this can be dangerous when your child has to stop and cannot properly reach the ground. A bicycle that is too small can cause knee problems, among other things. Fortunately, you can prevent this by choosing the correct size of the bicycle. Steering and pedalling should be easy and fun! This blog will help you to discover and learn how to choose the perfect bike size!

Your children grow, but unfortunately their bicycles do not. You quickly get lost between concepts such as: inches, hip height, frame size, etc. Purchasing a new bicycle every time is expensive and not environmentally friendly. BikeFlip solves this for you through a sustainable subscription for children's bicycles. Exchange your child's bike for a larger size effortlessly and at no extra cost whenever necessary.



We don't all grow at the same pace and of course not all children of the same age are the same size. The ideal way to immediately find the perfect bike is with the BikeFinder. By entering your child's height, age and clothing size, you will immediately be presented with three bicycles that suit your child.

Quick and easy, try now!



Growth chart

The Growth Meter is a super fun way to track your child's growth. At the same time you can see what size bicycle they need. The associated QR codes take you directly to the diverse range of BikeFlip bicycles that are available. Choose from a wide range of bicycles in different colors, sizes and models. You can also pimp the bike to your personal taste with the wide range of accessories. With the Growth Meter you can easily see whether it is time for a new bicycle. Measuring is knowing! 

Download the free growth chart here.


Or use this handy size chart:

Body length Age Wheel size
<85cm < 3 years Balance bike
85 - 100 cm 24 years 12 inch bicycle
100 - 110 cm 4 - 6 years 16 inch bicycle
110 - 115 cm 6 - 7 years 18 inch bicycle
115 - 125 cm 7 - 8 years 20 inch bicycle
125 - 130 cm 8 - 9 years 22 inch bicycle
130 - 140 cm 9 - 10 years 24 inch bicycle
140 - 160 cm 10 - 12 years 26 inch bicycle
> 160 cm > 12 years 28 inch bicycle


Test drive

If you are still unsure about the perfect size bicycle for your child, come visit our store in Utrecht or Amsterdam! Here, bicycle experts ensure that you find the perfect size!

Book your test drive here!

With these handy tools it is a piece of cake to find the perfect bike for your child and at the same time contribute to our circular mission!

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