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Safety First! Tips to Ensure Your Child Can Safely Navigate Traffic.

Mar 14, 2024Medewerker BikeFlip

As a parent, you devote yourself every day to ensure the safety of your child. However, due to their lack of experience, children are vulnerable in traffic. To ensure they can start their bike journey as safely and happily as possible, here are some valuable tips:


Teach them the traffic rules

"I look up to you!"

The importance of setting a good example is often underestimated. You're not just teaching your child how to pedal and steer; you're setting an example. You are a role model. 

"I know how to get there."

Practise the route to school or the sports club together at a time where there isn’t a lot of traffic. Explain to your child situations to pay attention to while cycling. Signal with your hand, stop at a red light, and depending on your child's age, discuss points regarding insight. Ask your child stimulating questions like, "What do you think that car is going to do now?" or "Are you sure that car has seen you?"

"I have to be careful here."

Dismount at dangerous or busy traffic spots. This gives your child more time to look carefully and this makes the situation easier to oversee.

Haste is dangerous

Just left a bit late, so that red light suddenly seems more like a friendly suggestion. Hurrying causes children to pay less attention to their surroundings. So make sure your child leaves the house on time. For slightly older children, it's also important to remind them of the danger of using mobile phones on the road.


Safety Accessories

A child's bike is relatively low to the ground, making your child more likely to be overlooked. A flag ensures that your child is clearly visible to other road users. A helmet can prevent serious head injuries and/or concussions. If you want to provide your child with extra stability during the learning phase of cycling, you can choose to have training wheels mounted on the bike.


The perfect fit

It's important that your child has a properly fitting bike. Too big or too small is uncomfortable, unsafe, and can cause discomfort. But how do you choose the perfect size bike for your child?


Proper bike maintenance

It goes without saying that it's important for your child to be able to stop when necessary. Therefore, check the bike brakes thoroughly. Also, don't forget to check the quality of the tires, pedals, chain, and frame. To ensure you always have the right size bike for your child and to have maintenance for free, the subscription model of BikeFlip is the ideal choice.


By making your children aware of their participation in traffic, you lay a solid foundation for them to enjoy cycling in the safest way possible. The correct size bike and the use of safety accessories will help them on their way. With the right attention, you will ensure that your children can freely pedal into the world!

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