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The coolest bike apps for kids!

Mar 26, 2024Medewerker BikeFlip

In a world where technology and movement come together, there is a range of apps that add an extra dimension to your BikeFlip experience.


Ik fiets (I cycle)

More chane at a green traffic light and reward points for all your cycling kilometers. Those are two of the benefits of the 'ik fiets app'. You can redeem the reward points to get a discount code, lottery prizes, or a donation to a charity. Through fun (group) challenges, you can earn extra points. Think of cycling to work, cycling in the rain, or perhaps your tenth bike ride of the month. The app also includes the Schwung application, increasing the chance that the traffic light turns green as you approach!

You can also track your car rides and public transportation journeys in the app. Where can you make more sustainable movement choices? The app helps you make smart and sustainable choices.


Bike fun tours in various cities! (Including: Amsterdam, Utrecht & Hilversum)

With a bike fun tour, you'll discover a Dutch city by bike through a puzzle tour. This allows you to learn interesting facts and trivia about the city. The app guides you through the entire route of about 20 kilometers. Along the way, you'll solve 40 different puzzles and questions. You'll also take 10 fun photos and videos that are saved on your phone. A special memory to look back on together! Since the ticket (€19.95 per group) is valid for 4 months, you can choose a beautiful day that suits you and when the sun is shining! You can also take enough breaks at one of the various catering establishments the tour leads you past.


Squla / Learning Traffic Rules

To ensure that your child can move safely through traffic, it's important that they know the traffic rules well. Educational apps can help with this, such as Squla or the ‘Wees Wegwijs Bordentrainer’ for example. With Squla, your child can learn the traffic rules through games. The gaming element keeps it fun for your child and they also learn in an enjoyable way.


ANWB Er-op-uit app

In this app from the ANWB (Dutch Automobile Association), you can find all sorts of fun bike routes for the family. There are over 750 verified bike routes throughout the country. You can also plan your own route in the app. It's free to install on your smartphone, making it very accessible. Happy cycling!


RoadID / Location Tracking while Cycling

Of course your child's safety is important, so it's a good idea for you to be able to track your child's location when they're cycling and for your child to know what to do in emergencies such as an accident, etc. Make sure you as a parent are reachable when they're on the way, for example, to school.

You can use apps like 'Find My iPhone' or similar apps, such as RoadID. RoadID allows you to see your loved one's location and the route they've taken. There's also an SOS button for emergencies.



Children and young people can easily get distracted by their mobile phones, sometimes even while cycling. The PhoNo app helps prevent this. For every minute you cycle with PhoNo, you raise money for the North Sea Foundation. This goal was selected by young people themselves. The North Sea Foundation cleans up Dutch beaches and the North Sea with the money raised by young people cycling. Safety, fun, and contributing to a cleaner world all at once!



The Geocaching app is also a lot of fun. There are millions of smart containers, called geocaches, to be found worldwide. This includes the Netherlands. You can filter them in the app by distance and difficulty level. Through hints, you can find the exact location. It's super fun to go searching for them together with your kids!

There are still plenty of other fun bike apps available. For example, take a look at apps like 'Steenmannetje Op Fiets' (Little Stone Man on Bike), where virtual reality and a bike treasure hunt come together.

In the world of bike apps, there's something for everyone; from educational apps to fun outdoor treasure hunts. Let these apps guide you on your next BikeFlip bike adventure. Have lots of fun discovering and cycling!

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