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Cycling to combat climate change!

Oct 04, 2023Medewerker BikeFlip

Cycling and climate change, two words that are more closely related than you would initially expect. And with good reason, because the more often you get on your bike, the more it contributes to a greener world! In this blog we would like to explain to you why more cycling is urgently needed to combat climate change.

How things stand now

As a Dutch person you are certainly on your bike more often than someone from Italy, for example. But even as a real cycling country, there is still a lot to be gained, because after all we have to do it together. During 'The Paris Agreement', 17 sustainability goals were set before the year 2030 to reduce CO2 emissions. This legal agreement was signed and adhered to by 196 countries in 2015.

Unfortunately, we are many measures, innovations and years further, and still far from the goal set for 2030. One of the biggest culprits of this is the transport sector. It is necessary that this changes to drastically reduce our CO2 emissions. And how can you contribute to this?

For example, in Europe, 23% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions come from the transport sector, of which 70% of CO2 comes from road vehicles ( ECF, 2021 ).

Let's fight with a ride!

You'll probably never guess it, but pedaling is the answer! For example, a 2021 report shows that cycling is one of the solutions to guarantee a safe and sustainable world. In addition, taking the bike more often is directly related to no fewer than 11 of the 17 sustainability goals ( UCI, 2022 )!

Cycling contributes to reducing CO2 emissions by half before 2030. - UCI president David Lappartient

So take the bike more often! Did you know that in Europe more than half of the trips are within range of less than 5 kilometers? For the average person this is about 20 minutes of cycling. The rise of the e-bike also contributes to greater accessibility for the elderly among us to make this possible (UCI, 2022). Using a bicycle instead of a car for short trips can reduce emissions by as much as 75%. So if you take the bike for one day a week, your ecological footprint can be reduced by half a ton in one year. Count your winnings!

So more cycling is not only sustainable, but also very healthy and good for the wallet! This also saves you fuel, looking for a parking spot or other expensive travel costs.

Cycling against climate change

The words of Jill Warren, CEO of the European Cyclists' Federation , are loud and clear: '“There is no way to achieve the necessary CO2 emissions reductions before 2030 without increasing cycling in as many cities as possible. Investing in safe cycling infrastructure and ensuring that citizens can make more of their daily journeys by bike is one of the best things governments can do to mitigate the impact of the climate crisis.” (UCI, 2022).

Cycling is a strange paradox in our modern society. Apart from e-bikes, this age-old low-tech device - which has remained virtually the same for the past 130 years - is suitable as one of the greatest solutions to combat global warming. Yet so little is done with it...

Time for us, as true cycling enthusiasts, to set a good example! So grab that bike and together we will create a greener world step by step.

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