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Give your (children's) bike some attention! #YouTube

Oct 04, 2023Medewerker BikeFlip

At BikeFlip we upcycle and reuse second-hand children's bicycles so that they are good and beautiful bicycles again. That is why our workshop experts know exactly what needs to be paid attention to before the bicycles go to our customers. In our YouTube video, Cas shows you the three indicators that determine whether your bike needs attention. Have you already seen this video, but are you wondering what else we pay attention to? Then read on!

1. Wheel strike

Besides the fact that this is not pleasant cycling, it can also be extremely dangerous! A blow to the wheel causes the tension in the spokes to no longer be balanced and this affects the shape of the wheel. It can even cause the tire to fold! Therefore, make sure that any damage is done as quickly as possible!

2. Lamps

Especially now that it gets dark so early, your children may have to cycle to school or the sports club in the dark. At BikeFlip we find it extra important that the lighting on all bicycles works well. It is extremely important that all road users see cyclists to prevent any accidents. In addition, there is a hefty fine for cycling without lights, namely €60! For the same money you have a BikeFlip children's bicycle subscription for a year. Isn't this what everyone would prefer?

3. Tring-tring!!

Of course, the bell on the steering wheel should also work! Do you want to pass by or do you want to warn someone else that they should pay attention? Then a working bicycle bell is useful. To ensure that every bicycle bell lasts a long time, we have placed our own BikeFlip bicycle bell on every children's bicycle! As the very last step, this is tested and approved by every BikeFlip employee.

4. Stainless

If metal and iron parts of a bicycle are not protected with a coating, there is a risk of rust. Naturally, we use a bicycle outdoors, so external influences are unavoidable. Think of water (rain) and air (wind). These influences damage the coating and thus rust occurs on the bicycle. In addition to renting out well-functioning bicycles at BikeFlip, we think it is important that the bicycles also look good. We know that children find that fun and important! That is why we ensure that the children's bicycles leave our workshop rust-free.

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