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The story of BikeFlip

Jan 12, 2024Paulina Gdaniec

At BikeFlip it is not just about refurbishing (children's) bicycles

but also how this happens. When you take a ride on your BikeFlip bike, you may not always think about who worked on it before you could ride it. We would like to take you behind the scenes to tell you about this, because we are secretly quite proud of this...

A workshop of opportunity

Imagine a place where bicycles are seen as opportunities, where a collection of handy people come together to make all (children's) bicycles be brought to perfect condition again. Where it goes a bit further than just simply repairing worn tires and broken chains. A place where everyone is given the opportunity to use his or her talent.

We at BikeFlip take our social responsibility seriously and offer such a workplace for everyone who wants to come and make bicycles. The focus here is on the development and flourishing of everyone who comes to us. Our workshop consists partly of handy people who are slowly participating in the labor market again in their own way. In the Netherlands in 2024 there will be a major shortage of skilled personnel in technology. By offering these work experience places, we try to bring the supply and demand of technical personnel on the labor market closer together. In this way we offer people the opportunity to gain work experience (again) and ultimately rejoin to the labor process. Thanks to our tailor-made learning programs, everyone has the opportunity to eventually enter a paid job in technology at his or her own pace. In addition, a new word of Dutch is learned every day, so that's a win-win situation!

We also join forces with several colleges. We work closely with talented students who want to innovate and create our sustainable BikeFlip mission. Any help is welcome, for e.g. a number of interns have already managed to complete their internships and are still working at BikeFlip.

In addition to all this, BikeFlip also offers a safe haven for volunteers who would like to let their hands fly. We are now ready with a team of about 35 clever minds to work on our sustainable BikeFlip mission every day.

Does this appeal to you and do you also want to contribute to our BikeFlip mission? Then take a quick look at our vacancy page or drop by, the coffee is ready!

Photo Norbert Waalboer Photography

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