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The top 7 best children's bicycle brands of 2022

Oct 09, 2023Medewerker BikeFlip

Are you curious or looking for the best children's bicycle brands of this year? These bikes are often of good quality and have a nice theme! That's why I've listed the best children's bicycle brands for you!


Volare comes from Volendam and is one of the best children's bicycle manufacturers in our country for both boys and girls. These bicycles are safe and reliable. The bicycles are for children of all ages, from 3 years and older. The eye is also important, which is why these bicycles are known for their creative designs and sleek models. For example, look at this 16 inch Volare in our webshop.

Volare 16 inch popular children's bicycle brand

Ken is a strong 16 inch Volare from BikeFlip!


Loekie is known for its colorful children's bicycles made from strong and durable materials. They mainly make bicycles for the very youngest, from 3 to 9 years old. Their main source of inspiration is the children themselves, hence the imaginative designs! This can be seen on this 12-inch bicycle.

Loekie 12 inch popular children's bicycle brand

Stijn is a lively 12 inch Loekie bike!


Alpina, another Dutch popular bicycle brand from Zwolle. They have something for every child from 2 years to 12 years old. This brand is also known for very high quality with designs from sturdy all-round bikes to princess bicycles.

Alpina 20 inch popular children's bicycle brand

Bowie is a nice Alpina 20 inch bicycle with coaster brake!


The Yipeeh bicycles are for the little ones, because these bicycles only go up to 16 inches. Yipeeh is also one of the best in the field of balance bikes. BikeFlip currently only has one Yipeeh bicycle in its range and that is this 16 inch.

Yipeeh 16 inch children's bicycle brand

Jimmy is our powerful Yipeeh 16 inch bicycle.


Puky also makes children's bicycles for the youngest cyclists. The German children's bicycle brand makes balance bikes, tricycles and bicycles for children aged 14 or younger. Puky also has the scooter and these are also for adults.

Balance bike Puky children's bike brand

Kris is a nice balance bike with large wheels from Puky!

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