Van barrel tot beauty: het upcycle proces van BikeFlip - BikeFlip

From barrel to beauty: BikeFlip's upcycle process

Oct 31, 2023Casparis Beyer
At BikeFlip, we transform second-hand children's bikes into a radiant two-wheeler for your little adventurer. As a parent, you know better than anyone how important it is that your child's bike must be safe, reliable and of course also just fun. And we take care of all of that! We are happy to take you on a journey through our process, so that you know exactly what happens to the bikes that come to us and how we offer them in our subscription model.


At BikeFlip, we believe in upcycling, which means that we not only reuse second-hand children's bikes, but also improve them. This process contributes to reducing waste, saving raw materials and reducing CO2 emissions by bicycle. And we've already upcycled more than 5000 bikes! But then we're not there yet. Our mission is to make children happy with quality, sustainable bicycles while having a positive impact on the environment.

What about upcycling?

The bicycles that come to us vary greatly in ability. That is why we first do a thorough inspection to determine what is still good and what no longer meets our standards. We check on important points, including:

Wheel Bump: Not only does it affect the fun of cycling, but it can also be dangerous. A bump in the wheel can disrupt the spoke tension and even lead to a collapse of the tire. Therefore, we make sure that any damage will be well repaired.

Brakes: At BikeFlip, we leave nothing to chance when it comes to the brakes of our children's bikes. We ensure that the brakes are thoroughly inspected, tested and approved by our experienced cycling technicians. Safety is above all else!

Lamps check: Especially now that the days are getting shorter, good lighting is crucial to be seen well in the dark. That is why we supply standard working lighting for bicycles larger than 18 inches. Around that age, they are more likely to be outside in the dark. Cycling without lighting can result in a €60 fine, while for the same amount you can have a BikeFlip children's bike subscription for a year!

Bicycle bell: Of course, a working bicycle bell should not be missing! A well-functioning bell is useful for warning or passing others - and of course also just a lot of fun to ring with when you're cycling.

Rust-free: Bicycles are often outside and certainly with some damage this can rust. In addition to that rust can be harmful to the metals, we understand that children not only want safe, but also beautiful bicycles. That is why we strive to ensure that our children's bikes leave our workshop rust-free. In addition, we repaint the bike if necessary.

Sometimes bikes are no longer gems visually, however functionally they are still very good! For that, we are scaling up our innovative powder coating process:

By powder coating we can turn any bike into a pearl

We put the bike frame in a new jacket, as it were. Powder coating is an electrostatic process in which powder is applied to metal and then cured in an oven into a durable coating. This protects the bike from corrosion and scratches, which significantly extends the lifespan and also looks radiant again. This way we can save more and more bikes for a little adventurer like yours!

Check out the refurbishment process from start to finish below.

Before & after

Van barrel: het upcycle proces van BikeFlip - BikeFlip
Tot beauty: het upcycle proces van BikeFlip - BikeFlip