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Keeping your ride smooth: Hassle-free repairs with BikeFlip!

Dec 20, 2023Medewerker BikeFlip

At BikeFlip we believe that cycling fun starts with a well-functioning bike. That is why we would like to share another major advantage of a BikeFlip subscription: free and worry-free repairs!

It can always happen that a children's bike no longer rides well, for example because it has been dropped incorrectly, has a flat tire or simply needs some love and maintenance. But do not worry! Our dedicated team of bike experts is ready to quickly tackle the problem and get your little adventurer back on the road quickly.

Fast and free repairs, also at home!

A bicycle is a subject of use and repairs and wear and tear are part of that. That's why we offer free repairs as part of your BikeFlip subscription. If something needs to be repaired on the bicycle, we will be happy to help you quickly!

How it works: as simple as it can be

Spot the problem: If your child's bike needs attention, let us know. Whether it's a flat tire, squeaky brakes or anything else that isn't working properly, our expert technicians are ready to help.

Contact us: Use our handy repair form in your account to help us identify the problem. This allows us to better prepare for the repair visit and to bring the right parts for your bike. You can choose which day suits you best for the repair at your home. Of course, you can always come to our workshop with your bike, where we can immediately repair or flip it for another one!

That's all! As soon as we receive your repair request with your preferred time, we will schedule the repair. The morning of the chosen repair day we will send you an email with a more specific time slot, so that you do not have to wait at home for us all day.

View the repair form here!

Repair form


In 2024 we will introduce a new tool for reporting and tracking repairs in the BikeFlip self-service center. This will make it even easier to report your repair.

Care-free cycling with BikeFlip

With BikeFlip you don't just subscribe to a bicycle, you opt for a care-free, reliable cycling experience. From handy repairs to maintenance and flips, that's all included in our package. Because every ride should be a happy ride!

Access the repair form or schedule a visit today!

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