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BikeFlip: the bike grows with your child, without any hassle!

Jan 03, 2024Paulina Gdaniec

Children grow quickly and therefore quickly outgrow their bicycle. The old bicycles are in the way in your garage, waiting for a time when you can find a new owner for them. But there can often be some time in between and until then there are often too many bicycles taking up space in your garage.

BikeFlip solves this for you! BikeFlip is an innovative initiative that offers a subscription for children's bicycles, which allows you to effortlessly exchange your child's bicycle for a larger size at no extra cost. We take care of everything for you, read how it works here!


Why BikeFlip? Because children grow, bikes do not!

The wrong size bicycle can affect enjoyment of your child's cycling. Steering and pedaling becomes more difficult and it is also a lot less safe. That is why with BikeFlip you always have the right size bike and BikeFlip also helps you with the bike if something is not quite right or the bike needs a repair.


The BikeFlip process: Quick and easy

  1. Choose your new bike: Go to our online shop and choose the perfect bike for your growing child. We have an extensive selection for every stage, with different bike sizes, colors and specifications. The bicycle will be delivered on your preferred day and time, even within 48 hours !
  2. Bike too small or something broken? Contact us to let us know it's time for a flip or repair. You can choose the new bike yourself, let us know and we will make an appointment together when we will flip the bike for you. We will guide you through the process and answer all your questions.
  3. That's it! Always the perfect bike and happy children. Your child is happy, our planet is less polluted and you are worry-free.

The option to exchange a bicycle via the self-service centers is expected in 2024.


Want to try out the bike first? Book a test drive!

Curious about the new bicycles we offer? Before you make a decision, take it for a test drive. It's the perfect opportunity for your child to try out new bikes and find the one that feels just right.

Book your test drive here!


Self-service center

We understand that convenience is important, that's why we've introduced a user-friendly self-service center. Here you can easily view and manage your BikeFlip subscription and submit a repair request. Soon you can also submit your flips there! Go to your customer self-service center.


Never grow out of your bike again!

With our BikeFlip function, your children's bike grows with you, so that the bike is always the perfect size for your adventurer's many cycling adventures.

Ready to cycle into the next phase? Start the process today!

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