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Discover the Top 5 Children's Bicycle Brands of 2024 at BikeFlip.nl!

Jan 30, 2024Paulina Gdaniec

Are you looking for the best children's bike brands of 2024? Search no further! At BikeFlip we have listed the crème de la crème of children's bicycles for you. And you know what's best? Our bicycles are not only of top quality, but are also sustainable thanks to our circular subscription including refurbishment, exchange and repair service at home. Read on and discover which brands will steal the show this year!

1. Cortina – Stylish and Safe

Cortina 24 inch bicycle


Cortina, the brand that combines style and safety! This Dutch giant is known for its trendy designs and reliable bicycles. Whether your child is 3 or 12 years old, Cortina has something for everyone. Discover the latest models in our webshop and give your child the bicycle of his or her dreams!

2. Volare – Creative and Reliable

Volare, from picturesque Volendam, is one of the best children's bicycle manufacturers in the Netherlands. Their bicycles are not only safe and reliable, but also a feast for the eyes. The creative designs and sleek models make Volare the choice for boys and girls. For example, take a look at our 18 inch Volare in the webshop – an absolute favorite!

3. Loekie – Colorful and Sustainable

Loekie is known for its colorful children's bicycles made of strong and durable materials. With designs inspired by children's imaginations, Loekie bicycles are perfect for the youngest from 3 to 9 years old. Discover the lively 12-inch Loekie bicycles in our webshop and give your child a colorful adventure!

4. Alpina – Something for Every Child

From cool all-round bikes to princess bikes, Alpina has something for every child! This Dutch bicycle brand from Zwolle guarantees high quality and various designs. For example, choose the fun Alpina 20 inch bicycle with coaster brake and let your child cycle in style.

5. Puky – German Mastery in Children's Bicycles


Puky, the German children's bicycle brand, not only makes bicycles for the very youngest, but also balance bikes, tricycles and even scooter steps. With models for children aged 14 or under, Puky offers a wide range of choices. For example, take a look at the fun balance bike with large wheels in our webshop and let your child discover the world in a playful way.

Don't wait any longer and discover the magic of these top children's bicycle brands on BikeFlip.nl! Order today and benefit from our unique subscription including circular refurbished bicycles, exchange and repair service at home. Let your children enjoy the best cycling experience in 2024!

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