BikeFlip strives for impact

At BikeFlip we believe that success goes beyond just wheels and gears. That's why we're committed to making a positive impact on our community. We are proud to announce that we are on our way to becoming a recognized Social Enterprise, with an application submitted on 26 Mar '24.

The Social Enterprise Code is based on the foundation of social entrepreneurship, namely impact first. The Code includes 5 principles that together show what social entrepreneurship stands for. Read more about the Social Code here.

This page will spotlight our ongoing social projects, because for BikeFlip, giving back is more than just a ride - it's in our DNA.

A workshop of opportunity

At BikeFlip it is not just about refurbishing bicycles, but also about the way we do this. Our workshop is a place where bicycles are seen as opportunities and where everyone's (undiscovered) talent counts. We take our social responsibility seriously by offering an inclusive and social workplace for cycling enthusiasts. In this way, we give people at a distance from the labor market the opportunity to learn and integrate and we offer a diverse group of people with different backgrounds the opportunity to move on to a good (paid) job. Together with a team of approximately 35 passionate individuals, we work on our sustainable mission every day.

Sustainable Development Goals

BikeFlip contributes in various ways to the Sustainable Development Goals drawn up by the United Nations. We not only pay attention to circularity and sustainability, but also to improving our society and creating a positive social impact

Our social projects 💚

Social good over financial gain.


In collaboration with the Fietsersbond, we give children the opportunity to receive a bicycle with an exchange guarantee until your child is ready for an adult bicycle.

Fietsdeal Oekraïners

We have provided more than 750 BikeFlip bicycles to Ukrainian refugees.

Stichting Leergeld

In collaboration with Stichting Leergeld, people can buy a BikeFlip bicycle with a voucher.

Goed op Weg Leerlingenvervoer

Through the collaboration with Goed op Weg, we can make even more children happy with our safe children's bicycles, including BikeFlip service and maintenance.

De Fietsmeesters - AZC

Status holders can go for a second-hand BikeFlip bicycle, this is how we combat mobility poverty.

De Fietsmeesters - subscriptions

Enjoy a bicycle for a year with maintenance at home. Together with the Fietsmeesters, this project mainly helps people with a migration background who take cycling lessons.