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Everything You Need to Know About Children's Bike Specifications! Which Brakes, Gears & Weight?

May 30, 2024Medewerker BikeFlip

Now that you have found the right size bike, you find yourself in a wealth of choices between different models and colors of bikes. “Which bike should I choose?” Should you opt for a bike with gears? A coaster brake, or perhaps a handbrake? And most importantly, what considerations should you take into account?

In short, what do you need to know to choose the perfect children's bike? Let us help you!

Gears: Yes or No?

When choosing a children's bike, you can consider whether to go for a bike with or without gears. But what are the pros and cons? Gears can significantly improve your child's cycling experience, but there are also some disadvantages to keep in mind.


By choosing a bike with gears, your child can better manage their effort, as they can better respond to conditions such as wind and hills. This way, long distances are more sustainable.


A bike with gears will require more regular maintenance and is more prone to malfunctions, along with the associated costs. It also makes the bike slightly heavier, which brings us to the next topic:

Weight of the Bike: Is It Important?

In the past, bikes were mostly made of steel. Nowadays, they are mainly made of aluminum, which is strong enough but much lighter! This makes a difference if your child decides halfway through your route that walking is actually much more fun today! ;)

Advantages of a Light Bike

Light bikes are often slightly more expensive to purchase because they are made of advanced materials like aluminum or carbon. Sometimes, a light bike can also be less durable because it is more vulnerable to damage. The sustainable children's bike subscription from BikeFlip solves both problems for you. Find affordable and sustainable lightweight bikes here.

Advantages of a Heavier Bike

Heavier bikes can feel more stable, especially when riding on rough terrain or at higher speeds. They can also carry more weight. Additionally, a heavier bike is more durable and better weather-resistant due to its robust construction. These bikes are also less likely to be stolen, which is an added advantage in urban areas.

Coaster Brake vs. Handbrake

When choosing between a coaster brake and a handbrake, there are various factors to consider. Both braking systems have their own advantages and disadvantages, which can affect the safety and usability of the bike.

Coaster Brake

  • Less maintenance
  • Simple to use
  • Reliable, works well in all weather conditions
  • Less suitable for emergency braking


  • Relatively more maintenance
  • Slightly more complex for young children/beginning cyclists
  • More control at higher speeds


Choosing the perfect children's bike can be challenging, but now you can make an informed decision. Be sure to visit us for a test ride, where you can try out different bikes and receive professional advice. We have the perfect bike for every child, and now you can choose with confidence!

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