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Building a bike friendly world for the next generation

May 23, 2024Medewerker BikeFlip

In a world that is constantly evolving and where choices abound, it all starts with education. There are several themes around cycling that are particularly important to achieve a bike-friendly world for our children, such as bike safety, environmental awareness, and mobility poverty.

Environmental Benefits

Cycling is a sustainable and incredibly healthy alternative to motorized transport. Less pollution and more exercise in one! We are passionately working towards building a better future for the next generations by promoting sustainable cycling. For everyone. To provide everyone with a beautiful and reliable bike, there are various social projects that BikeFlip contributes to. Every child deserves a bike.

By renting a bike, we choose reuse. Opting for sustainability is the first step in preventing the endless production of children's bikes that are only used for a short time. These bikes often end up rusting away in your shed for years. And you're not alone; in total, there are more than a million unused children's bikes in sheds across the Netherlands. This can change!


A safe cycling infrastructure, with good bike paths, safe crossing points, and sufficient bike parking (and making your child aware of this), is of course the beginning. But schools can also help by teaching traffic rules to children. Think of bike lessons and exams, or for example, campaigns.

Safety accessories also play a big role in this. Consider a good helmet for young children and a flag to increase the visibility of small children in traffic. Everything you need and want to know about bike safety can be found here.

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