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How do I make my children more environmentally conscious?

May 16, 2024Medewerker BikeFlip

Enjoying Nature Together

A delightful bike ride, listening to the cheerful chirping of birds with the sun on your face. It's the perfect start to appreciating nature. By spending time in nature as a child, you discover its beauty early on and understand the importance of preserving it. Choose a fun route and set out on an adventure!

Picking up litter with a grabber stick (plastic)

Engage your children in this interactive activity to show them how much litter ends up on the streets. Their contribution to cleaning up the environment fosters self-awareness and confidence. Your child will also naturally develop a distaste for the litter that pollutes the streets or their favorite playground.

Sustainable items and toys

Teach your children the importance of reuse and recycling by donating or trading toys and items. For example, with the ideal children's bike subscription from BikeFlip, you don't need to buy a new bike for your fast-growing child every year. Instead, you can exchange the bike for a larger one when needed. The excitement of choosing a 'new' fun bike each time is contagious. It's a super fun way to learn about reuse!

Green mobility (Setting an example)

Opt for cycling or walking more often to teach your children sustainable habits. Especially for short trips, such as a quick visit to the supermarket or maybe a cozy visit to grandma and grandpa's house. Your children look up to you and learn from you. Setting a good example is therefore very important. Together, you take small but consistent steps towards a more sustainable world.

Waste reduction

Help your children reduce waste by avoiding the use of disposable items. For instance, opt for alternatives like reusable water bottles and shopping bags. Also, bikes are often purchased new and especially with children, they are often used for only a short time. This results in millions of children's bikes in sheds or on the waste heap. You can also collect deposit bottles together with your child and use the money to buy an ice cream as a reward. This way, you combine environmental awareness with fun!

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