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The 10 most interesting facts about cycling

May 09, 2024Medewerker BikeFlip
  1. According to the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF), the Netherlands is the best cycling country in Europe.

It is one of the safest places in the world to cycle, with over 35,000 kilometers of bike paths and nearly everywhere offering free parking facilities. The cycling infrastructure is well-established, and the flat landscape simply makes cycling easier!

  1. Dutch people collectively cycle up to 15 billion kilometers per year.

From a young age, Dutch people often choose cycling, whether it's for their daily commute to school or even for special events like galas or weddings. This preference is reflected in the numbers!

  1. Special cycling routes for children have been set up throughout the country.

BikeFlip's social media channels recently showcased two super fun routes: the Haarzuilens route, where you can discover the magical world of knights and castles, and the Amsterdamse Bos route, where you can cuddle goats and enjoy nature. And here's an extra tip: check out websites like 'Routes in Utrecht' for detailed information on many more routes like these.

  1. The world's largest underground bicycle parking facility is located in the Netherlands.

Utrecht needed enough space to provide parking for all the bicycle traffic, and they succeeded! Underneath the train station in Utrecht, up to 12,500 bicycles can be stored, making it the largest underground bicycle parking facility in the world!

  1. Only 60% of the people who cycle have working lights on their bike.

Being highly visible is essential for your safety while cycling, especially for children who are still developing their awareness of traffic. Ensure that your child can safely participate in traffic. :)

  1. More than a million children's bicycles are rusting away in sheds.

Children grow, bicycles don't. The bikes that children often outgrow within a year often remain unused in sheds for years, which is a huge waste. To prevent this, BikeFlip promotes sustainable children's bicycle subscriptions. Instead of letting all these bikes rust away in sheds, you simply exchange the bike for a larger one whenever necessary. Ideal!

  1. A refurbished bike for your child saves 100kg of CO2.

Every new child’s bike needs to be produced and transported. By opting for reuse, we eliminate the need for production and transportation, resulting in significant CO2 emission savings.

  1. 60 percent of all working Dutch people live within 15 kilometers of their workplace but still choose to go by car.

If all these people chose to cycle instead of driving, almost all traffic jams would be solved.

  1. We can prevent 2.4 million tons of CO2 emissions on short trips.

Fifty percent of trips under 7.5 kilometers are taken by car. By not doing this, we would save a whopping 12.5 percent of the total reduction needed to meet the climate goals set for the Netherlands. That's a huge amount!

  1. Children who cycle regularly are less frequently ill.

Cycling contributes to a healthy BMI. It also offers mental benefits, promoting relaxation and improved concentration. Additionally, employees who cycle regularly report being sick at least one day less per year.

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